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Uncommon Therapy is the name of the private practice for Larry Moen, LPC, an Alaska state licensed professional counselor (therapist) serving the Fairbanks area.


I offer psychotherapy and counseling services, helping people overcome life's challenges. Please see the menu to the left for information on specific areas of counseling.


I have worked extensively and successfully with adults and children dealing with depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, PTSD (often including early childhood trauma), and unhelpful behaviors, among other mental health concerns.  I also have had more than the usual experience working with individuals with severe psychological issues including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and Asperger's Disorder. My work with children often includes helping them learn to deal with emotional processing, as well as emotional and behavioral management. 


I have been providing therapy for over 25 years, with the last 20 in Alaska.  My approach is different than many therapists, and I have had success helping individuals who have not had good results or experiences with previous therapy.  Please click on the therapy tab at the left for more details of how my approach differs. My style is not to be that expert who insists you do something that SHOULD make things work, but instead to be an expert who works with you to help you find out what DOES work, for you. 


Picking a therapist is not always easy, and finding the right one for your needs can be expensive.  Many therapists or agencies may require you to first meet your potential therapist in an initial intake session; such sessions in Fairbanks typically run in the $300 range and take several hours.  To me that seems like a lot to invest before you have a chance to know if that therapist is one you can be comfortable seeing.  I prefer that we meet for 15-30 minutes first, for free, to see whether working with me feels right to you, your child, or whomever is seeking services.  If you feel good about the interaction we can then start up treatment. However, I may also be able to suggest lower-cost options for you than therapy, or give you some referral options if you or I feel another therapist might be more what you are looking for.


Please contact me to set up such a meeting.  I applaud your decision to learn more about how to resolve your difficulties, achieve your goals, or feel more satisfied in your life's direction.


I'd be honored to have an opportunity to help you. 



Psychotherapy has been shown by research to improve mental well-being, often times significantly.  Usually even if someone is on mental health medication, psychotherapy is recommended in addition to the medication, because this leads to better results.


Despite there still being some stigma about seeking treatment, the truth indicated by many studies is that most people experience at least some times in their lives when mental health therapy is appropriate -- just as most people have times in their lives when it's appropriate to see a nurse or doctor for a physical issue.


Just as physical problems almost always have understandable causes, so do psychological problems. And just as many physical problems such as allergies are due to good, helpful systems in the body becoming misdirected such that they fail to act when they should or kick in when they shouldn't, so are many psychological problems caused by essentially good mental coping or processing systems becoming similarly misdirected.  


I have never yet met a client whose brain was deliberately trying to mess them up or make them suffer.  I have also never yet met a client whose brain deliberately made a choice that they thought wasn't their overall best available choice -- though sometimes it takes work to figure out why that choice was considered the best one.


My approach to therapy is to come from the position that your brain is trying to help you, not mess you up.  Once we start exploring the problem using that as a guide, you'll be surprised at what you learn, at how the steps to move forward become clearer, and how shame and self-anger drop away and let you have more peace. 

Larry Moen, LPC

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