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Fees and Insurance


  • Initial 15-30 minute consultations to determine if therapy is necessary or if I am the best therapist to meet your needs are FREE.                                                          


My fees are consistent with those of other providers in Fairbanks. 

Initial Assessments are $350.

Individual sessions are $260 for 60-75 minutes.

Group CBT Treatment for Chronic Insomnia is $350 total for the assessment review and 6 weekly sessions. 

Other fees available upon request.


My billing is done through Golden Heart Professional Services.


Insurance companies vary widely in terms of co-pays and deductibles, please contact your insurer to determine what these will be for you.


  • For children ages 4-6 an initial consultation is requested to be sure I am the correct service provider for your child.                 .
  • The initial intake session/diagnostic assessment typically lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours.                                                                              .
  • I find that longer sessions are more productive and so typically schedule sessions of 60-70 minutes, instead of the standard 45-50 minute hour.  Not all insurers authorize longer sessions; if your insurer does not we will schedule 50-minute sessions.       .
  • Fees for court appearances and report writing are available on request.                                                                                .

I do not have a formal sliding scale fee, but will try to make accommodations for clients who are experiencing financial difficulties. 


I accept clients who are without insurance and paying cash.  I have also had barter clients.


My goal is to find ways to provide needed services if that is at all possible.




PLEASE NOTE:  Insurance companies have recently tightened restrictions.  Please contact your provider to verify your coverage and co-pays.  I bill most insurances, but you are ultimately the one responsible for payment of fees.


For inexplicable reasons Federal regulations do not currently allow providers with my credentials to bill Medicaid or Medicare.


Most insurers have in the past limited sessions to no more than two of the same type per week except in emergencies.  This may change i due to enactment of the federal Mental Health Parity Act, which requires that insurers no longer treat mental health benefits any differently than physical health benefits. The Act may also change deductables for some clients.  My understanding is that the Act was to be in force starting in 2015, but I am not clear as to when individual insurance companies will begin complying with it.  I suggest you consult your insurer if you have questions.


Many insurers do not cover family or couples/marital counseling. Please contact me if that is the case for you and you desire these services, as sometimes other arrangements can be made.


I do offer SKYPE sessions.  To my current knowledge no insurer as yet covers mental health services delivery via Skype, so these would need to be paid out of pocket.  Again, this hopefully may change with the Mental Health Parity Act.





Currently I accept almost all insurances except Medicaid and Medicare. This exception unfortunately means that I cannot see Denali Kid Care clients.




I CHARGE $100 FOR MISSED SESSIONS WHEN I HAVE LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE.  However, I do request that you give me as much notice as possible if you will miss a session.  This fee cannot be applied to insurance claims or deductables. 

Larry Moen, LPC

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