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Unlike most other medical professions, in psychotherapy the physical environment where the therapy is done has a significant impact on the healing process. I understand the importance of providing patients with a warm, friendly and safe atmosphere -- and that's the environment I enjoy working in myself.

I am located in the Shannon Park residential neighborhood, about 5 minutes from downtown Fairbanks.  Driving instructions are as follows:

  *  Take the Steese Highway and turn onto Trainer Gate heading

      towards Ft. Wainwright.  

  *  Turn left out of the left-turn lane onto Shannon Drive.  

  *  Take the immediate next left onto Joyce drive. 

  *  At the first stop sign (2 blocks up) turn right onto Cindy Drive.

      I'm 6 houses up on the right hand side. The house is yellowish in color.  

      The house number is 315.


Please park in the driveway in front of the front door.  

The office is the entire lower level.


The counseling space is open, bright and comfortable. All counseling rooms are discreetly shielded from prying eyes, so you can be certain that what you say during therapy stays between you and me.


I also find the neighborhood setting to be less stress-inducing for my child clients.


The separate waiting room has complimentary coffee, tea, soda and bottled water.

Click on the link below for photos of the rooms.

Larry Moen, LPC

Where to Find Me

Uncommon Therapy

565 University Avenue

Fairbanks, AK 99701 



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Text: (907) 388-8963

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Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM

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