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A big part of my life in the last 14 years has been my involvement with ice sculpting.  I love the magic of working with ice, the textures, the way it transmits light, and the ability it offers to create a monumental sculpture in just a few days.  I also love that it is as simple as water, cold, and a sharp tool.


I've been lucky enough to be on a team that won the first place award in the multi-block division of the World Ice Art Championships, and to have been the ice sculptor for Denali National Park's Winterfest celebrations for the last 11 years.  I've also thoroughly enjoyed teaching others to sculpt, from young clients to all the schoolchildren in Cantwell, Anderson, and Healy to classses for adults in Fairbanks.


Some of my sculptures are in the photos below.



I've done art since as far back as I can remember.  For many years I focused on serigraphy - print making using the silkscreen process - and pen and ink drawing.  Later I spent two years in a commercial art school in Seattle.  I've often ended up designing things - logos, posters, t-shirts, and the giant waving teddy bear float Community Behavioral Health ran in the Golden Days Parade.


Lately I've been doing paintings, letting my non-rational side have more input than before, when what I did was tighter and more rationally realistic.


I've included some recent work in the photo gallery below.



I love the joy of creating beauty and being imaginative with objects others see as defective, useless, or junk.  So I greatly enjoy the Red Green Regatta and discovering what I can make with duct tape and some trips to the transfer stations.


I've been fortunate to take third place in the Regatta two times now, one in 2007 and the other just this last year (2013).  It was especially fun to find a picture of my last entry "Das Boot" on the front page of the News-Miner!  Photos are below.



I've enjoyed photography since at least high school days (now some 40+ years ago) but really got into it when I lived in Barrow for 6 years.  I tried selling some photos at the local winter crafts fair and before I knew it was producing photo cards and framed photos for the local and tourist markets.  I also did professional shoots when Newt Gingrich came to town and another for the Anchorage newspapers.


I don't do that work any more, but I do keep on taking photographs.  The backgrounds for the banner at the top of these pages are all my photos.  I've included a few of my favorites in the gallery below.


Photo Gallery

Larry Moen, LPC

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