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Relational Balancing Theory

Relational Balancing Theory (RBT) is my most recent name for the model I use to help explain WHY we do many of the things we do -- and more to the point, why despite our best efforts it is so hard to figure out what we're doing wrong.  I also use it to identify simply and clearly what needs to change to make things work.


RBT is a work in progress - and has been in progress for over 25 years.  Lately it has achieved what feels like its final form.  I love the intellectual challenge of it, but that isn't the test of value of it.  This seems to work, and provide a way of looking at things that is both cognitively and intuitively satisfying: it makes sense and it feels right.  It explains and shows the relationship between many things that other theoretical frameworks can't explain, or where their explanations are unwieldy or seem "off".


Over time I will flesh out the details of it on this website.  This is the start of that. I think that prospective clients need to be aware that I utilize this in therapy because it gets such good results, but that there are no books I can recommend to read because no one else right now is using it (though I hope to change that shortly). 


It's part of why I chose the name Uncommon Therapy for my practice -- this is something you won't yet encounter elsewhere.

I welcome feedback about the theory, either through this website or through email to uncommom.alaska@gmail.com .

Larry Moen, LPC

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